Nebraska Cornhuskers Huskers 24 – Missouri 41

NU’s road woes continue as they were beaten by a team that wanted it more. It’d be easy to blame this loss on turnovers and they did have a great deal to do with it but the Huskers were simply out-coached and out-hustled. Well-designed and well-executed misdirection plays beat the blackshirts. Solich’s offense is second-rate at best. I don’t believe Barney Cotton has full reign as coordinator–the offense is just too similar (read: anemic) to last year’s. Jammal Lord was having a great game until we had to play catch up. Then he melted. He tries to do it all himself and he can’t–he’s not that type of player. I don’t know if Dailey is either and won’t find out until next year when he’s thrown into the pool and has to sink or swim.

Bottom lines to this game:

  • NU couldn’t move the ball when it had to
  • Critical mental errors at crucial times in the game
  • Absolutely no penetration by the defensive line

We’ll continue to have trouble against teams that have mobile QBs. This team is improved over last year, but not by as much as it first appeared. I’ll always bleed Husker red, but I’d rather not get bruised like this again.

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