Nebraska Cornhuskers Huskers 7 – Texas 31

I looked at the schedule before the Texas game and decided there were 4 games in which NU should have scored twice as much as they did. The Utah State final should have been a half-time score. We should have had at least 2 more TDs against Penn State, 3 more against Troy State and Iowa State. Next year we should schedule only “State” schools. I’ve had a gut feeling all year that our offense is terrible, but we seemed to rack up decent yards, just never get it in the end zone.

Well, our offense is terrible. Here are some facts from the Omaha World-Herald today:

  1. Nebraska’s offense returned five starters, including three offensive linemen from 2002. They have a senior two-year starting quarterback. They have significantly more speed at receiver than past years. Yet the offense is ranked 87th of 117 teams in the nation through nine games – right between Utah State (86th) and Iowa State (88th) at 337 yards per game. That figure is the lowest average since 1968.
  2. The 236.2 rushing yards per game is the lowest at NU since 1976, a year in which Tom Osborne’s offense led the Big Eight Conference in passing. Nebraska averages just 4.2 yards per carry and hasn’t even played a team ranked in the top 40 nationally in rush defense. In fact, NU’s average opponent would be 75th in rush defense.
  3. The Huskers’ 100.9 passing yards per game is the worst since 1988, a year in which they led the nation in rushing.
  4. NU’s 26.8 points per game is the lowest since 1977
  5. Nebraska’s leading I-back, Josh Davis, averages 59.3 yards on 14 carries per game. The last time the school’s top back rushed for fewer yards was 1974, a year in which leading rusher Monte Anthony got the ball just 10 times per game

This, on top of all the impressive streaks that were ended last year (and this year–Missouri hadn’t beat us since 1978), is strong indication that this program is headed downhill and fast. Changes have to be made and quickly. We’ve got to run a pro set to attract the kind of athletes that this program needs and deserves.

Tom Osborne excelled at getting his players to over-achieve. I think he tried the same thing with his coaching staff, including Solich. He didn’t fail often, but Solich is no better than a Division II football coach. If NU is to regain its prowess as a premier program, Solich must go.

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