Nebraska Cornhuskers Nebraska 14 Kansas 8

If the Pitt game was ugly, this one was fugly. The offense is definately regressing. Disregard the game against I-AA Western Illinois and we’re scoring just under 20 points a game. That won’t be sufficient for success against the rest of the schedule. Say all you want about parity in college football–it seems almost everyone in the Big 12 is getting better except NU. Even Baylor is 2-2.

It’s legitimate to wonder if Dailey is the one to carry this team into the future. His last intereception was absolutely rediculous. Sure, the kid is going to make mistakes but jeez, heaving the ball downfield without even looking goes beyond the pale. Eight turnovers in three games (again throwing out WIU game) by Dailey alone does not inspire confidence. And don’t forget the safety on the second play from scrimmage.

The defense played okay–remember this was Kansas. At the end of both halves, Kansas seemingly moved the ball with impunity. When they were in obvious passing situations, we were lining up 10 yards off their receivers. The Blackshirts held when they had to, but not without some luck (i.e. Kansas’s misuse of the clock during the final seconds of the 4th quarter).

It seems we’re recruiting good talent. Let’s hope that after we weather the storm for a couple of years the results are worth waiting for.

Go Big Red

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