The New York Times > Washington > Senator Clinton Speaks of ‘Common Ground’ on Abortion

The New York Times > Washington > Senator Clinton Speaks of ‘Common Ground’ on Abortion: “Proposing new political language about abortion rights for the Democratic Party, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton said today that friends and foes on the issue should come together on ‘common ground’ to reduce the number of ‘unwanted pregnancies’ and ultimately abortions, which she called a ‘sad, even tragic choice to many, many women.'”

This confuses me. I understood the pro-choice crowd believed abortion was merely removing unviable tissue–sort of like clipping one’s toenails. What, to someone who approves of abortion as Mrs. Clinton does, is “sad, even tragic” about the equivalent of a haircut? This is an implicit confession that Mrs. Clinton believes abortion is wrong, yet she is compelled to support it for political expediency: “her remarks signaled that she could be recalibrating her strong identification with the abortion-rights movement as the Democratic Party engages in its own re-examination of its handling of the issue in the wake of Senator John Kerry’s loss in the 2004 presidential race.”

There can be no “common ground” on abortion. It’s either inconsequentially mundane or the slaughter of innocence. The two views are diametrically opposed. That Mrs. Clinton is “recalibrating” her view to widen her political base demonstrates, to me at least, a misunderstanding of the issue and a profound lack of conviction to her beliefs.

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