No, it’s Not YOUR Money

Back Pages: No, it’s not YOUR money
Really scary stuff.

“They all do it of course. Drawing on the resurgence of folk libertarianism over recent decades, all parties now talk as if governments take money from individual taxpayers to spend, with conservatives more intent on emphasising that they wish to give taxpayers back their money so they can decide for themselves how they wish to spend it. With the parties flinging it about, albeit the Howardians in an appreciably more drunken style than Latho’s camp, it may help to remember that it’s not really your money, at least as an individual. It’s our money collectively, most of which has in fact been provided by governments, past as well as present. Indeed, if morality was the only policy consideration, most people should give a good deal of what they already have back to its rightful owner – the government on behalf of society as a whole.”

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