Al Gore graduates from Concordia

Al Gore graduates from Concordia – News
“He espoused that the media should play a more central role in the way it informs the public, saying, ‘Over half of all Nobel Prize winners are telling us we could have as little as 10 years to avoid a catastrophe and this is pronounced by our media as “not newsworthy.”‘”

Nobel Prizes are awarded for physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature, and peace.  Hmm…let me check…no meteorology isn’t a category.

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5 Comments on “Al Gore graduates from Concordia”

  1. Jack Smith Says:

    Interesting…I don’t think programming in Java qualifies one to speak on the topic either.

  2. Jeff Says:

    Jack: Are you, like, 12?

  3. Jess Says:

    Jack – hey, no fair! He might be a java programmer AND an actor.

  4. Jack Smith Says:

    You ridicule Nobel winners for speaking out on global warming at the same time you carry on about the subject with considerably less gravitas in your resume. (Unless programming is just a distraction from your real occupation of weather man.)

  5. Jeff Says:

    Jack: I did not ridicule Nobel winners. Nor do I hold them is such esteem that I treat anything they _might_ have said as oracle. I didn’t even ridicule Al Gore (though I could have and probably should have). I pointed out, albeit in sarcastic manner, that Al Gore presents non-experts as experts to buttress his own crumbling credibilty and lend credence to his own outrageous claims. Anyone of moderate intelligence would recognize this tactic and dismiss Al Gore’s argument as unreasonable.

    And to claim the media isn’t doing enough to further his cause is a master stroke of indirection. His derision of the media is at once a subtle invocation for sympathy (“no body listens to me”) and a denial that the media is the propeganda arm of the global warming swindlers when, in fact, the media incessantly report global warming propeganda as fact when it is, at best, unsound theory.

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