Creating Effective Incentives Effective Incentives::By Walter E. Williams
“Unfortunately, today, there’s neither the American leadership nor the American character to protect ourselves from people whose declared aim is to destroy us. It’s not just Americans, but the West in general, who have lost the will to protect themselves from the barbarism of the Middle East. Keep in mind that the mighty Roman Empire fell to barbarians who ushered in the Dark Ages.”

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One Comment on “Creating Effective Incentives”

  1. Jess Says:

    As simplistically as I can say it, this concerns me.

    I’ve already thought about this possibility. Every society goes through shifts and swings. We’re currently somewhere inside an “I can do anything I want! Nya!” anarchistic swing, where discipline and the ability to say something is good or evil, healthy or unhealthy is not respected. I think the pendulum will eventually swing, and I’m concerned what will be at the other end.

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