The Amnesty Fraud: Part III

The immigration reform bill is fast becoming the consumate example of what’s wrong with the Federal Government: Incompetence, arrogance, aloofness. The U.S. does not need this bill–politicians, illegal aliens, and big business do. What does this bill do for the average American? Amnesty Fraud: Part III::By Thomas Sowell
“One of the remarkable aspects of the proposed immigration ‘reform’ is its provisions for cracking down on employers who hire illegal immigrants. Employers are to be punished for not detecting and excluding illegal immigrants, when the government itself is derelict in doing so.

“Employers not only lack expertise in law enforcement, they can be sued for ‘discrimination’ by any of the armies of lawyers who make such lawsuits their lucrative specialty.

“But no penalties are likely to be enforced against state and local politicians who openly declare ‘sanctuary’ for illegal immigrants. Officials sworn to uphold the law instead forbid the police to report the illegal status of immigrants to federal officials when these illegals are arrested for other crimes.

“This is perfectly consistent for a bill that seeks above all to solve politicians problems, not the countrys.”

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