Bogus ACORN voters

Investigators probing ACORN have learned that an Ohio man registered to vote several times and cast a bogus ballot with a fake address officials said yesterday as they revealed that nearly 4 000 registration applications supplied by the left-leaning activist group were suspect.

Nash had registered to vote repeatedly from an address that belonged to a legitimately registered voter officials said during a hearing at which the subpoenaed voters were to testify.

Board officials had contacted Nash this summer questioned his address and told him to stop repeat registering.

But still he breezed into Ohio election offices – the state allows early voting for president – reregistered with a fake address and cast a paper ballot officials said.

“He came in on 9 30 and Mr. Nash again registered to vote at [someone else’s] address and he cast a ballot ” said board official Jane Platten.

The Post reported last week on the Cleveland-area probe and the subpoenas, which were sent out to four people – including two voters who said they were hounded by ACORN workers to register over and over, even when they warned they’d already done so.

Two of the four subpoenaed voters, Freddie Johnson and Christopher Barkley, met privately with sheriff’s deputies and described what they’d told The Post about being hounded by ACORN workers. Barkley testified at the hearing that some of the registration cards listing his name weren’t filled out by him.


ACORN infringes on your right to vote by diminishing its value with stuffed ballot boxes.

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