Faster than the speed of light.

Less than 48 hours elapsed between the time the text of the compromise became available for public examination late Saturday evening and yesterday’s 61-37 vote for passage. At that rate, the Senate effectively was spending about $300 million every minute while considering the compromise, and allowing taxpayers a scandalously brief opportunity to discover how the senators were doing it.

[Reed and Pelosi have] been writing the biggest single spending bill in American history behind closed doors just as once routinely happened in those smoky Capitol corridor rooms. They are taking care of their favored special interests and handing taxpayers the bill.  …House Democrats rejected House GOP leader John Boehner’s motion requiring the conference report be posted online for 48 hours before a final vote. The Sunlight Foundation’s petition for a 72-hour waiting period makes even more sense. And wasn’t it Obama who promised to allow five-days of public examination before he signed any emergency bill?

via >> Opinion.

Most of the spending is long term; it doesn’t kick in until 2010 or 2011. So why the rush?

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