MSM: Liberal smart, conservative stoopid

These days, even commentators who disagree with his politics find it necessary to call President Obama “brilliant” with such regularity, you might get the idea that it’s his first name.

It reminds me of the way the MSM kept telling us that Hillary Clinton was the brightest woman in America. The way they trumpeted her intelligence, you’d have thought she’d come up with a cure for Parkinson’s when, in fact, the smartest thing she’d ever done was to marry a serial adulterer.

Before Hillary came along, the same folks kept insisting that Jimmy Carter was smarter than Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein put together. Liberals are constantly sticking some fool’s brain on a pedestal simply because they approve of his or her left-wing agenda.

via Burt Prelutsky : Coming to Terms With Term Limits –

Ford was a bumbler, Reagan was senile, Quale was a moron, W. was incompetent. The MSM has, for a long time, portrayed Republicans as idiots and Democrats as geniuses.

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